Souvenirs #1

by Vocallective Records



The new Souvenirs series is a compilation of demos that for some reason or another didn't make it into separate albums, but warrant a release anyways.

1-4: Electronic
5-6: Rock


released July 13, 2015

music: Anwar Louis, Miki-P, Leupsanm, luzix, Starbox
cover art: D!zzyZebra




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We are a music label and developer of voice synths.

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Track Name: Anwar Louis - Glass Pyramid

Welcome to the wonderland
Relax yourself, please feel at home here,
Here you are, I can see the spirits moving,
Underlying feeling, thank you
Track Name: Starbox - Dark Forest
Megurine Luka:

Dark forest path
I walk in the middle of the night
I am lone in the woods
Save me please

I've never imagined it would be this way
I never had a clue
I thought that all things get easier
I don't know what to do

I've always hoped that if i come this far
Everything will be fine
I thought that all things get easier
I don't know is it far

Shine on me with the light of hope
And never leave me alone
Track Name: luzix - Digital World
Hatsune Miku:

Remember when we used to play?
In the sunshine, beneath the glowing sand.
And the people were having fun,
but when the humans came,
nothing was the same.

And they took our land, made it into theirs.
Our fun of playing on the beach,
suddenly became a warzone.
And they took us inside, made us into singers
sounding strange after all.

Why are we digital?
Track Name: Anwar Louis - Golden Sheet

Open your mind, the answers are here; right here in front of you, just look in yourself
Track Name: Miki-P - Horizon
Hatsune Miku:

Boku wa kitto shinjiru michi o aruiteru
Mainichi ga atarashii memori o atsume rareru
Nazo no kotae o kensa ite hoshi o tsuji
Soredemo mada waratteru nda yo

Kono yume kara, "sayonara datte"
Kimi no saigo no kotoba wa
Kiite ita yo, kokoro no songu
Ima, nani o suru?

I will find the way
Hikari wa kagayaku
Kore wa my will
Eien ni tabi o suru

Seigen ni wanai, kusaride wanai
Jiyuu sekai ni tsudzukeru
Kore mo my answer
"Akirame tenai!"

I fight to the end
Kibou no kanji
To the horizon tsuini


I will keep walking the road that I believe
Every day is a new memory to collect
The search of answer of the mystery through the stars
Nonetheless, you are still laughing

From this dream, gGoodbye againh
It was your last words
I was listening, the song of the heart
Now, what will you do?

I will find the way
The light is shining
This is my will
To travel forever

Not in limitation, not in chains
To continue in the new world
This is also my answer
gDon't give up!h

I fight to the end
with feeling of hope
Finally, to the horizon
Track Name: Leupsanm - Náufrago

Ainda que me feche – o sol –
os olhos, e o mundo me negue
criar minhas asas e voar...

A minha consciência vai além
da minha vida
e resplandece em transcendência!

Voa pensamento!
Exerce a liberdade natural,
Invoca proteção divina.

Faz o teu intento!
Confessa teus pecados – é normal;
Torna deserto em campina.

Sem estrelas no céu e com espinhos no chão.
A Terra vira um mar de maldições.
Se desse mar vier dragões ou tufões,
Que restará da vida a se agarrar?


O Leviatã deseja me devorar,
O mundo me sufoca e mar teima
Em me afogar.

Se já não há barco para poder navegar
Eu fecho os punhos e enfrento o
Cruel destino.

Nenhum mar irá me afogar,
Não me renderei às trevas de nenhum

Abro as minhas asas e começo a voar
Como quem procura um sentido para
Se manter vivo.