Luka EP

by Kekal

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ヒミツ七十七 I've always been a fan from Vocaloid from Indonesia. This album is great, harsh but good. Favorite track: Neutrality.
Freaky Lulu (VocalNexus)
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Freaky Lulu (VocalNexus) German: Ich liebe den Einsatz von Luka im Metalbereich. Das Album gehört defintiv zu meinen Lieblingstiteln aus dem Bandcamp. Mehr davon!


Indonesian band Kekal asked if they could dip their toes into the Vocaloid fandom. That they may. You guys like to say that overseas producers only make electronic music. Don't fool yourselves my friends, that was back in 2013. Listen to all of our non-electronic releases, and they are a lot at this point (with more to come). Now hit that play button and get your robot ass in 2013+2.

Let them know what you think about this, it's their first foray into Vocaloid music and anything in the way of feedback will bring upon more sweet jams. Pump up the jam, pump it up, while your feet are stomping. That's what I always say (not really).

Fun fact: "Luka" means "Wound" in Bahasa Indonesia.


released July 21, 2015

music: Kekal
mix, master: Jeff Arwadi
cover art: Levi Sianturi




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Track Name: Neutrality
Megurine Luka:

humankind of an equal essence
should be given equal participation
equal access to information and knowledge
be part of open society in an open world
one portal that fits everyone’s expressions
eliminating hierarchies within social construction
and to cease governmental interference
in order to achieve preservation of neutrality
absolute power corrupts absolutely
realization of an ideal should be done collectively
information sharing as a part of contributive mindset
but this will always challenge our human nature
elimination of self is the one most effortful condition
in a society where the most popular act is to play god
Track Name: Crossroads
Megurine Luka:

one would argue it was far too close
for a greater society reversing into calamity
unbolted its threshold of fear and angst
confusion heightened at the crossroads of destiny
somehow nearing the boundaries of turmoil
karma, justice, divine intervention
equalizing intermingled imbalances
from gloom, rise forth the glowing spirit of hope
we should never dissolve our leap of faith
keep reeling out to the omnipresent reality
stretching our mere limits of understanding
where the end is really just the beginning
perceive what matters most to earn contented state
realize its true forms of the animating principle
the past, the present, the future as well
god shall reconstruct our microcosmic aspirations
Track Name: The Unwritten
Megurine Luka:

what makes things certain
the element that crawls
from the edge of a beginning
to the center of the end
one may leave to question
the validity of proclamation
such thing exists in a written world
a world full of manipulations
what makes you wonder
about what would aggregate
misery and adversity
becoming a singularity
existence does not require confirmation
experience is a gift of enjoyment
be grateful of what you have today
and you will be alright