hazy daisy

by DystoP



"I wanted to finally make some sort of compilation work, so I made this EP! It all features the Alter/Ego voice, Daisy Bell. These songs are a collection of the short songlets I posted on Soundcloud and a few more new ones.

I chose this title because it sounded cool and rhymed, but also because there was a lot of haze in Singapore." - DystoP


released January 21, 2016

music: DystoP
cover art: DraculaFetus


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Happy Birthday
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday to you
Track Name: Cold Pizza
Cold pizza, cold pizza, cold pizza, cold pizza
Cold pizza, cold pizza, cold pizza, cold pizza
Track Name: Why League No Work
Why League no work? x8

League no work, why? x8

No work, why League? x8

Work why, League no? x8
Track Name: Snacks and Homework
But I've got stuff to do
No more snacks to eat
Piles of homework now
Stacked on top of me
I gotta get through this all
'Cause it's due tomorrow
Why did I put this off
Until today?
Track Name: The Remarkable Inability to Inhale
hodiaŭ estas trista, trista tago
mi ne spiras, mi ne spiras
hodiaŭ estas trista, trista tago
mi ne vidas, mi ne vidas

(Today is a sad, sad day
I can't breathe, I can't breathe
Today is a sad, sad day
I can't see, I can't see)

hodiaŭ mi estas tre laca
mi ne vekas, mi ne vekas
hodiaŭ mi volas fari ajn
mi ne pensas, mi ne pensas

(Today I'm very tired
I don't wake up, I don't wake up
Today I don't want to do anything
I don't think, I don't think)

la ĉielo ne ekzistas
kaj ĉielo ne ekzistas
ĉio estas blanka
ĉio estas malplena
ĉio estas malbona
ĉio 'stas
ĉio ne estas

(The sky doesn't exist
And heaven doesn't exist
Everything is white
Everything is empty
Everything is bad
Everything is not)

hieraŭ mi ne povis memori
ĝi estis tre kvieta tago
morgaŭ mi ne povos memori
ĝi estos tre kvieta tago

(Yesterday I couldn't remember
It was a quiet day
Tomorrow I won't be able to remember
It will be a quiet day)
Track Name: Gratitude
Have you ever thought about another kind of place,
Where people can't even step outside?
Does it even seem like such a life is even real?
But I'm so glad that I have a good one.
Track Name: Sacrifice
And I would die for you
So you could live again
'Cause there's no other reason
For me to stay
Standing on this Earth
With nothing else to do
For you and
Everyone I love
Track Name: A Plea
Separate me, but don't desecrate me
I don't think that I am worth that pain
Understand me, please don't reprimand me
Everything is such an awful game