by Starbox



Working in game development and chiptunes all day and night, cranking out pixels seven ways from Sunday. That's how dad did it, that's how Starbox from Poland does it. Taking pit stops in EDM and rock, his music can go all the way from classic C64 jams to modern depictions of the genre.


released March 16, 2015

music: Starbox, Azureflux
cover art: jaypoi, Protodome


all rights reserved



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Track Name: In The Scary Ocean
Megurine Luka:

in the scary ocean
lies a greedy monster
i don't want him to be

on a snowy mountain
lies a fairy fountain
i don't want it to be

flowing with the stream
searching for my dream
i'm just looking for me

there's a hidden treasure
that will give me pleasure
i just want it to be

i found a magic pearl
that brings me peace
but my work is not done
Track Name: Super Bonus Points
Megurine Luka:

when the night goes
i'll be happy
with the nightmare gone
pick up my phone
eat some breakfast
into the adventure zone
I'll pick a fruit
and stomp a box
and get a power pill
super bonus points
I'm ready
super bonus dreams

my controller broke
I'm angry
it's the forth one
get away from the tv screen
mother just another round
it's still early
and I'm not sleepy
leave me alone
super bonus points
I'm ready
super bonus goal
Track Name: Digital Dream
Megurine Luka:

sleeping in a bitwise coma
in a bitwise dream
my broken circuitry is aching
like a bullet hit
don't eject the tape
don't eject my guts
or it will be all over
and i will go nuts

my memory is leaking
and my leds are out
i'm still deep in sleeping
general protection fault
get a bandage, get some aid
before it's too late
or it will be all over
and i will be ate

maybe i'm not 64 bit
don't throw me in the trash
come and solder, come and fix me
and all will be all right

digital dream x2

your screwdriver feels so nice
my transistors are burning
your fingers on my chip
make my tape start turning
8 bit power
8 bit hope
i don't belong in flea sales
but in your home

so many time together
so many different games
don't leave me please ever
don't leave me ever please
8 bit power
8 bit hope
i don't belong in flea sales
but in your home
Track Name: Lost In Thought
Megurine Luka:

i am looking in a mirror
mirror of my dreams
when the time comes i'll be ready
ready for all things

as the passing cars are flying by
i'm lost in thought

sometimes there's a hidden meaning
in the simplest things
sometimes there's a new beginning
when all comes to bits

as the scenery is flying by
i am lost in thought

even though i'm only dreaming
i can still have hope
that all things will turn this evening
i can't have no more

as the passing thoughts are flying by
i'm lost in dreams
Track Name: Sunshine
Megurine Luka:

light and sunshine
spilled upon me
in my darkest day

sweet sensation
fills my body and
goes inside the brain

moonlight shining
when i'm crying
make it go away

blow away all
bad emotions
they belong out there

i'm lifted by your kindness and words
i'm in a different world

light and sunshine
night and sunshine
is it just a charm

sweet sensation
in hidden places
makes me feels so warm

moonlight shining
when i'm dying
make it go away

blow away all
bad emotions
they belong out there