your call

from by furez



Featuring Cyber Diva.


Cyber Diva:

no time to look behind
another step into your new dimension of life selection
the truth is not inside that box of stinking lies
told for compassion or dissaddisfaction
try to raise up your voice facing this brand new choice
prepare the finest battle flag to hoist
keep moving towards me, i’ll catch you just believe
that there’s only a way to be relieved
am i saving or am i faking that’s your call
will you chose the right or wrong
throw away your douts now
free yourself from voices of the crowd
you can be the one you want to, but i give no warranty
so chose with care, it’s all about your call.
the worst ever scum, good samaritan
meat devourer, vegetarian
all is up to you that’s the only truth
even if you’re trying to refute
i’m suggesting or i’m just testing, that’s your call
will you chose to come or go.


from in short, released September 30, 2016


all rights reserved



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