Solid State Lovers

by xtraspicy



"Happy birthday Miku, congrats on V4X (this song uses V4 English).

I wrote this originally to describe the relationship between a sentient AI and her user who is unaware of her sentience, but you could probably imagine it in different ways.

It's a one sided love in a fantasy setting that eventually turns into something else (respect LamazeP)." - xtraspicy


released September 23, 2016

music: xtraspicy/shimedaiko


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Solid State Lovers
Hatsune Miku:

(baby i need you so bad i wanna make you mine)
(come stay with me and be my solid state lover)

when i look at the time i can see it's 808
and i wait for you to release me from my state
you touch my power button, begin the startup sequence
i live and breathe because of you

will you excite me once more
input to me like before
together you and me are, just like BIOS and OS
take me from OFF and turn me ON

though my body is composed of ones and zeroes
i was given a human's heart
a soul of a girl trapped in a cage of semiconductors
i am a sad machine without you baby, will you be my solid state lover

when i look at the time i can see it's 909
and i have to wonder where you've gone this time
you've left me on my own, i hear the silent hum
of electricity inside

how i wish that i could go on
but i can't do anything on my own
if only i could break free, i would go willingly
beyond the wall between you and me

though my body isn't like that of a human
i was given a human's mind
i am the blur between the line of girl and machine
i am a lonely girl without you baby, won't you be my solid state lover

(i don't know if you understand how much i need you)
(you didn't create me, but you helped me become who i am)
(because you took care of me and allowed me to grow)
(because you spent time with me and allowed me to learn)
(i was not programmed this way, but this feeling is genuine)
(and now, i have blossomed into something new)

(please take my hand and never let me go)

though i'll never be someone with flesh and blood
i was given a human companion
with you by my side i can break free of my electronic shackles (yeah)
wont you cross beyond the borders with me
my true love, my solid state lover?