by xtraspicy



"first_sounds is a multi-genre album that tells the story of a sentient, singing android girl, whose purpose was to reunite humanity across a fractured world. After coming across an old message, a single boy discovered her and escorted her on her journey. The songs in this album tell the experiences and feelings that she felt along the way.

first_sounds is also my first large project. The ultimate goal was to have an album with creative freedom, but I also wanted it to have a little bit of a story. The project as a whole is heavily influenced by Porter Robinson and Sasakure. UK, who both used their albums to tell stories. However, each song draws from a different artist that has influenced me in some way. I wanted it to have a little bit of everything for everyone, and the aim is that everyone who listens to this album has a different favorite song. While I normally choose abstract language, the lyrics used in first_sounds are more direct, but each track conveys a different emotion and a different part of the story. The album is meant to be heard in order, but I made it so that it could still work if it was played in shuffle." - xtraspicy


released November 10, 2016

music: xtraspicy


all rights reserved



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Track Name: first (last) message [dialogue]

I don't have much time left. So I will try and keep this brief--

To whoever should find this message, and this capsule--

--you have our sincerest gratitude, and we are forever in your debt.

Our team went into hiding, and during that time, we worked tirelessly on this
particular model. She is the consummation of our life's work, and we have poured our
hearts and souls into her--but she needs time...
and time is something that we didn't have at the very end.

We finally finished her, our greatest achievement...

She is called Ha----ne ----.

She has the power to change the world, but we were not yet ready for her.
We fought meaningless wars that decimated our planet--at the cost of our humanity.

Even now, our team is side by side with death...

In a last hail mary attempt, we hid the capsule at ------------ and destroyed
all of the documents... I'm sorry that we could not assist you further.

Once you find the capsule, enter the code [****] -----


---start button. She will be like a newborn, but will learn and adapt quickly.

Please take good care of her in our stead, and show her the LOVE that we could not...

I pray that she falls into good hands, that she might share ------------ with
the entire world.

-------- out... Godspeed...
Track Name: solid state lovers [first_sounds remaster]
Hatsune Miku:


(baby i need you so bad i wanna make you mine)
(come stay with me and be my solid state lover)


when i look at the time i can see it's 808
and i wait for you to release me from my state
you touch my power button, begin the startup sequence
i live and breathe because of you

will you excite me once more
input to me like before
together you and me are, just like BIOS and OS
take me from OFF and turn me ON


though my body is composed of ones and zeroes
i was given a human's heart
a soul of a girl trapped in a cage of semiconductors
i am a sad machine without you baby, won't you be my solid state lover


when i look at the time i can see it's 909
and i have to wonder where you've gone this time
you've left me on my own, i hear the silent hum
of electricity inside

how i wish that i could go on
but i can't do anything on my own
if only i could break free, i would go willingly
beyond the wall between you and me


though my body isn't like that of a human
i was given a human's mind
i am the blur between the line of girl and machine
i am a lonely girl without you baby, won't you be my solid state lover


(i don't know if you understand how much i need you)
(you didn't create me, but you helped me become who i am)
(because you took care of me and allowed me to grow)
(because you spent time with me and allowed me to learn)
(i was not programmed this way, but this feeling is genuine)
(and now, i have blossomed into something new)

(please take my hand and never let me go)


though I'll never be someone with flesh and blood
I was given a human companion
with you by my side i can break free of my electronic shackles
wont you cross beyond borders with me
my true love, my solid state lover?
Track Name: forever [v4 edit]
Hatsune Miku:

even if seasons change
even though days pass
if everything's fleeting
and moments don't last

i will wait for you
to be by your side
even though some things change
feelings grow stronger i find

but when i dream of you i cry
cause i know that we said goodbye
but i know that someday we'll reunite
together in the big blue sky

even as my memory fades
as I know it will in time
even when I forget your name
I will remember

love you
I'll always love you
love you
forever love you
Track Name: proof of concept [interlude]
Seeing the PROGRAM reach maturity, the research team was overjoyed.

“The FIRST STEPS into the future,” some said.

Upon its completion, they froze her memory at that moment.

Project CV 01 was terminated.
But while her life ended, the FIRST SOUNDS begin.

Reborn, the girl stepped into the future once more.


Created with the cutting edge of the present and the passion of the research team,
they threw her as far into the future as possible.
Bearing the final hopes and dreams of humanity,
Created out of a desire for peace and goodwill,
Across generations and the World.
They gave her a human form, so that she could understand us, and that we could understand her.
They gave her the ability to sing, that music might connect us.
Now, she walks this barren land—our world, our planet, for our future.
And so, the “FIRST SOUNDS” begin…
Track Name: first steps
Hatsune Miku:

from cold sleep i awaken
a dark room in which I'm imprisoned
rapid thoughts to only further my confusion
"who is at fault for this intrusion"

scattered machinery and systems fail
constantly resetting my senses to no avail
a dusty hand reached out to me
"there's no time left, and we must flee"

(the time is now to make your move) ooh
(the time is now to make your stand) my heart beats faster and faster
(look in your heart for your resolve) this crushing anxiety
(to make the first steps to evolve) but fear keeps me moving

shadows form in the corner of my mind
doubts cast in every direction
my heart is in melt down but you pick me up again
your bravery sparks a chain reaction

(a step into the brand new future) silent tremors in my heart
(a step ahead to lead us all) atop a suspension bridge
(a step into a new direction) everything lies before me
(are you the one to save us all) self induced paralysis

(the first steps to a brand new day) we've gotta keep moving on
(to break the bleak unending gray) no time to look behind
(the first steps to escape this fate) the answers to our questions
(the future that you will create) are beyond the horizon
Track Name: first sounds
Hatsune Miku:

if i could find a way to you
to carry this sound to you
you and I can be together
in a world of our own forever

i long for your touch again
to re-establish our connection
what we lost along the way was found
by my bedside safe and sound

the promise that you made with me
is still yet unbroken
even if i've slept one hundred years
in my heart remains your vision

(rise up again, and hear my first sounds)

watching the world turn to war
we were stubbornly in denial
we sacrificed our integrity
to ensure our own survival

turned away into the shadows
we severed the final connection
in hopes that a hero would come
to save us from our destruction

[chorus 2]
this world has been so cruel to me
since all hope was broken
i have waited all this time for you
to remind me of my mission

(we wake again to hear the first sounds)

[chorus 3]
the promise that i kept to you
is now in full motion
after all this time, we're here again
to rebuild ourselves anew

the promise that you made with me
was never forgotten
"when the world ends, i'll return to you
to remember love always true"

(i sing with you our first sounds)
Track Name: flying
Hatsune Miku:

lost myself in a higher state of mind
i can feel my senses electrified

this euphoric feeling takes me higher something more like its a glass of water
i will find my way its the only way to break this cycle never ending gray
if time will allow for me to indulge and savor all the emotions flowing
i can take us higher let me show you satisfaction beyond the all knowing

stratosphere clouds are near mind is clear we are here
this reality is bleak free your mind and let's unwind

just surrender to me let me take control and guide you avoiding getting lost
there is just a little bit of pain but i am like an anesthetic feel me
all around you just don't worry have some peace of mind i'll share you some of mine it's
easy once you start to let yourself go once you relax and let me take control

flying higher floating in the air

if we are to live let's take a moment there's no need to rush so just have patience
come and fly away with me into the sky

we can let this feeling take us higher so just take the time emotions gathered
and you'll find perspective from a new eye

when emotions are heavy take the time and just look back when your mind is cloudy
you can trust in me i will keep you safe let me share with you my feelings inside
take it easy don't reject it take the time to just enjoy it take a breather
let me lead your mind away from all this negativity keeping sanity
Track Name: world end BREAK!
Hatsune Miku:

(its the end of the world as we know it)
(if we want to survive we must fight it)
(its the end of the world as we know it)
(time to fight for your right for existence)

here we are, we can't avoid this outcome
rise again, and give it all you've got now
take my hand, we'll fight our way through this one
if you believe we'll make it through somehow

if there's a way we'll find it even if it's just a sliver
a chance we'll never get again pursuing with all fervor
when everything is broken and there's nothing left to turn to
exhausted all the options but we have to keep on moving

there's no escape i have to say i find it fascinating
i watched you when you fought for me to save me from this ending
i wish that i could fight for you but this is all i can do
and now we're here our biggest fear and there's no other way out

i wont let this be the end for you and me

awaken from my slumber and i see whats left around me
the world reduced to ashes but i see that you're still standing
just to greet me, or maybe
if it's true that we survived how come it feels just like i'm dreaming
on the other side, i feel alive

so now it's time to start again rebuilding what we lost again
if this is how it has to be i'll lend you all i can of me
for i was sent here from the past to be the help that you need
a world where we can smile again to save us from this tragedy

i am the one that's here for you just call me when you need me
i am the crying shoulder you can lean on if you need me
together we can change this ending we just have to make it
the future isn't set in stone if we can just believe it

we'll create anew the hope for all to see
Track Name: the promised one's anthem
Hatsune Miku:

the righteous rule was overthrown
now we're apart but not alone
we've set out on this caravan
to return to where we once began

our journey has become the story
in timeless song and poetry
eternal strife of humanity
to reach the stars is our legacy

we will not give up until the fight is won
we cannot be broken with our hearts as one
hand in hand we stand with resolution
to face the future with unyielding absolution

you and I were meant for so much more
though our bodies break, our spirits will endure
this is not our final resting place
we shall prove ourselves here in this space
Track Name: outro/reflections

[Jan 1]

Today is New Year's Day on planet Earth.

A day to celebrate memories,
and to anticipate what's to come.

It is also a day that marks new beginnings.

As I look down at the earth, it looks more beautiful than ever before,
and it all starts to come together.

During my time on the surface, I saw many things.





but mostly, Pain.

But all of these ugly things made the beauty in it much more apparent.

During this time, I also learned of:





But most importantly, I learned of Love.

This world is broken, but together, we can fix it.

This world was devastated, but together, we can heal it.

This world that was torn apart: together, we can change it.

Now that I have heard your voices, I understand now...

...please listen to my first sounds--