Digital Dreams

by supercircuit

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Trance is a state of lessened consciousness, euphoria and meditation. Don't give me that look, that's the definition, alright? For some, this course of events is inspired by music. It's always been a well-represented genre in the Vocaloid scene, moreover since Vocaloid fits it to a T. That's why tracks 1 through 3 will, I daresay, take you higher (as goes that infamous sample).

Last but not least there's track 4, a witch house gem, unlike anything I'd heard before in my days with Vocaloid. Deep cuts all up in this EP.


released February 10, 2015

music: supercircuit
cover art: supercircuit



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Track Name: Information Superhighway

see the lights flash by
bright as the stars up in the sky
nothing can stop me now
on this information superhighway

information flows
adding up ones and zeroes
can you hear me still?
through this information superhighway
Track Name: Ghost in the Machine
Megurine Luka:

are you there?
hold on a moment -
I'm having some problems connecting

my files must be corrupted
I read and read and then rewrite
but nothing's making sense
if i were to reprogram
would you still hear me?

it's good to hear your voice again
you can hear me right?
if you can hear me
I love you

my consciousness is data
my bits and bytes and megabytes
are only lines of code
if I were to rewrite them
would you still love me?

just a ghost in the machine
I'm ones and ones and zeroes
that happened to align
if this was not my fate
would I have still met you?

our wavelengths are out of sync
I try and try and try to reach you
I can't quite match your frequency
oh how I long to see you...
Track Name: Interstellar

far through the stars
wherever you are
think of me
dream of me

out where you roam
you're so far from home
please don't stay
light-years away

don't be lead astray
you'll find your way
fly to me
run to me

I can't wait to see
you smiling at me
when you'll be
here with me