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Thank you, Otaku God.


released February 15, 2017

music: Josip, hoehoeP, McMangos, ryo (supercell)


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Hello, How Are You?
otaku Kami-sama, yeah you know 4chan made me famous right?
this thing kawaii like for real
it's still moe over everything...
in case you still didn't know
hey she a cutie though
extra kawaii life
follow me on Twitter at JosipOnDeck
merch on my site, check my Bandcamp
follow me on Instagram at JosipOnDeck man
i'm getting 100.000 views a month nigga, and I'm in the hood
yeah, true that

she's a cutie that ruthlessly carries beauty
her duty is staying chewy the booty forever fruity
very gentle touches and blushes that make you gooey
nothing like a movie so 2d that it is soothing
pastel and yin yangs match up well
360 views with glue on eyelashes.
scratches like matchstick when i smashed it
asterisk next to her name like it's magic
magnificent her innocence is right inside her eyes
i been legitimate since season one and that's until i die
kanji in the sky boy remember it.
she reminds of the star clusters in the midst
might just need that space shuttle
in the tub with figma the reflection off the bubble
take us back to when was little when before they were this critical
but fuck it we cuff the public thru these crystal balls cuz we wiser now.
ota wizard chillin with a magic queen set the world on fire just pass me the gasoline
and we can spring off quick like sonic doing bungie
jumping off the springs until we reach what we're becoming.
everything new holographic super rare
describe the style. this ain't avant garde this is wow
falling down from outerspace i landed to rest on a cloud
standing on this platform use the world as a mirror
steady using my vision while painting the perfect picture.
stitching the hearts that injured and mending them back together.
giving out hugs to show love to those severed
so tell us bout these foo foo chicks that know better.
one ear and out the other man fuck em you're so careful
crystal tokyo gold souls with no errors

got them kisses for my cheek i make her forehead complete
why compete to her? you are not a geek and weak of speech
but it's unique right by the beach flock as pure as doves or geese
and i'm a G that's from the streets so all my enemies retreat
feet covered in the sand by the beach with the sunshine
wind blowing hair flying what a fun time ain't lying
looking down from the sky from a scraper you can tell the city is alive
tried to hold be back inside the trenches but i phoenix rise
with the spirit of a king that lived 1000 times
read a couple books that gave me insight bout the signs
now i can bring the epicness straight to you benihana style
in a fluffy bed cuddled up with llama girl
lolita. so lethal. nosebleeda. goalkeepa. soul seeka.
fuck with me and we can conquer kingdoms
thinking you can beat me you better keep dreaming
cause i been in a deep sleep and woke up thinking
is this all just a dream or am i still sleeping?
close my eyes and i can feel you there for no reason
focus in and listen close and i can hear you breathing
so on that day we met that'd be our second greeting
cause that light you shined before had killed every demon
it was a shamed because my vanity ain't let me see you.
but you was here from point zero let this rainbow sing for you
Track Name: Crystal Tokyo
Shoutout to Mcmangos nigga
Otaku World. That's how we do it
In Crystal Tokyo chillin with a bunch of bad ass bi-shoujo bitches
That's how we get it..
Ecchi life

Pixelated demonstrations. Flowing like a menstruation
Gameboy Color nation. We advanced like we some Super Saiyans
Cool as glaciers. Ice-kami ota-live through polar nature
Sega saturn saviors. Dreamcastin till a nigga make it
Got no time for games. I'm not at the play station
Focused like it's Sharingan with my swagger from Uranus
Impeccable, inseparable from Akiba and that's sacred
Catch me in the shrine mixing yin and yang through meditation
Medication be the tetrahydrocannabinol fragrance
Burning like a pyromancer. Firm tits on yo bitch while naked
In my dojo while she eat your heart like she Kano
Kiss of death. Kill yourself. She oral sex and you clueless
Crime scene worthless. Very short circuits
The rap game is like a circus. They done nerfed it
But I'm pigskin like pork rinds. That's for certain
Surfing through the web like Duke. I rebuke you faithless niggas man

Crystal Tokyo. I see through your transparency
Looking for a magic shoujo to come cast a spell on me
Everyhing that glitters isn't gold. So I copped me some
Otaku World is permanent. You could never stop our run
In Crystal Tokyo smoking dagga on a mountain
Atmosphere feeling like I'm inside the fairy fountain
So outstanding. I be shining like the moon do though
Blow a pound of loudpack and teleport to Pluto

Galaxies. The universe my trampoline. Gigantic being
In a human body I'm so godly so they fans of me
Akiha-san in Babylon and focus on to see Japan
And idol life. High as kite then land like Gundams after fights
Samurai. Bushido mind. That ignorance we leave behind
Kicks on shinobi and my BAPE shit from Nigos line
Crystalized in my crystal castle smoking in the sky
Keep a scale on you but you biting on that fishing line

You keep a scale on you
But you biting on that fishing line. (fishing line)
Keep a scale on you? Oh you working hard for Nixon now? (For Nixon now?)
Man you keep that scale on you?
Oh you swimming with the fishes now. Washing dishes now?
Oh you keep that scale on you?
Oh you trapping bricks for Nixon now? Selling grams to the children now

Crystal Tokyo. I see through your transparency
Looking for a magic shoujo to come cast a spell on me
Everything that glitters isn't gold. So I copped me some
Otaku World is permanent. You could never stop our run
In Crystal Tokyo smoking dagga on a mountain
Atmosphere feeling like I'm inside the fairy fountain
So outstanding. I be shining like the moon do though
Blow a pound of loudpack and teleport to Pluto
Track Name: World Is Mine
I'm Otaku Kami-Sama: the king of Otaku World
Rapping off Hatsune Miku, shoutout to otaku girls
Come with more melody than a Vocaloid
I got infinity power in my vocal cords
Stacking yen, I've descended from within
Come straight from the holy shrine, I'm Akiba till I die
Niggas with no souls tryna complicate my life
Got the fire in my soul and I burn 'em all alive
This be that Akiba shit, my life is so 8bit
Damn, I'm so heaven-sent

Catch me, Shibuya flexin', some cosplay vixens
I'm Otaku Kami, and bitch, I'm hella lifted
Spitting the holy scriptures, kill 'em with hieroglyphics
Painting these perfect pictures, Ota-Kami descended
I attack head-on, they defenseless
I'm the best, did I forget to mention
Otaku World king, I be 2D livin'
Gone outer space with a Starship Princess
Uh, whoa whoa
Lyrical origami, I am Otaku Kami
Cut out with all that nonsense, when the sun sets
I'll be on Mount Fuji with 100 men
People stay talking down, but I'm sunning them
With that common sense, fly as Gundam ships
T.O.G.'s the shit, and that's widely known
Spitting magical spells when on the microphone
They already know, oh oh, whoa

Let me remix this, with my flavor
4chan legend, Otaku savior
We do it major, make you meet your maker
Zapping all the haters with an outer space laser
Nah the movement never stopping
Got me from the projects to Akihabara shopping
Crown me the king of living within dreams
Imagination going crazy, busting through the seams
Freeze, freeze, freeze, freeze, freeze, FREEZE!